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Seamlessly X The Google Contacts Not Syncing Problems By Yourself

After doing a little of analysis, we found most of users who work on Android operating are system wondering about the right process of sync contacts from Gmail to phone and vice-versa. Sometimes, these users are fed up with getting trouble with the syncing process.

Once users add up their Google email account directly to their cell phone, your Google contact will automatically get synced. Yes, it happened right at the time when users add up their account to the cell phone. Due to unknown reasons, the main cause can’t be determined but there are a few thing users can attempt for fixing such issue.

Attempt 1: Merging Your Accounts:

  • According to the grapevine, consider merging your Google accounts can be the right effort towards to solution to such problems. However, most of users have already reported about the same as this attempt really worked.
  • Specifically, users are required to implement the following steps very keenly:
  • For that, users need to go to Contacts and after that they are needed to choose the option of ‘Contacts to Display’ after tapping on Menu option.
  • Click on a blue phone icon appears i.e. Device option. As soon as you click on the same icon, contacts on your cell phone will immediately get appeared on the screen.
  • Click on Menu option again and choose option of ‘Merge Accounts’. Here, you have to tap on ‘Merge with Google’ option which will directly help in merging all contacts directly with Google.
  • Go back to previous stage where you have to select Menu option once again and then choose Contacts to display and you will be able to see your contacts.

Deleting Google Contacts Backup:

  • If you are looking for the deletion of a backup, you need to keep in mind that you can get it back at any cost and after the complete satisfaction, take a decision about the deletion.
  • If you continue the process, find out the backup you are looking to delete.
  • Tap ‘More’ option which is at next to the backup’s name, and then users are needed to delete backup.

Attempt 2: Taking Expert’s Suggestion:

If above given attempt is failed, just approach the experts who will help by giving the precise guidance about the same.