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My Google Contacts Backup

Google Contacts Backup is a convenient way to store all your important contacts at a safe place. Creating a backup is always necessary so that you don't lose on vital contacts even if they got deleted mistakenly. Are you searching for my contacts backup on Google? Contact us!

  • It automatically saves your favourite contact person whom you e-mail the most
  • Can easily find the duplicate contacts and merge them automatically
  • Showcases all the recent conversations and notes from your contacts
  • Connects with Google+ profiles to show additional information about your contacts
  • Synchronizes the contacts

Want to keep a track of all the important websites, birthdays, events and much more? Make use of Google contacts now while creating a Google Contacts Backup.

How to backup/export Google contacts?

By following these steps you can conveniently create your Google contacts backup:

  • Visit ‘Google contacts’
  • If you want to view and select the contacts, check all the boxes appearing next to their respective names
  • Click on ‘more’ and then ‘export’
  • Select ‘Google CSV’ and backup all your contacts
  • Click on ‘export’ to save your file

Are you confused on how to Backup Contacts to Google Drive? We have solutions! Have a look at the steps mentioned below and get to know the process to backup contacts to Google drive.

How to Backup Contacts to Google Drive?

  • Synchronize two cloud accounts using the synchronization wizard
  • Double click on the ‘Google contacts’ icon
  • Select a configured Google contacts account or add a new one altogether
  • Click on ‘Google drive’
  • You can set an already configured Google drive account or add a new Google drive account
  • Click on ‘add Google drive’ after which you would need to authorize CloudHQ for accessing your account
  • Select you would like to sync in the folder then click on ‘next’
  • You can select an existing Google drive folder or click on ‘create folder’ to make a new one
  • Choose from the options and start the synchronization process accordingly
  • After the initial synchronization, you would be able to see the status
  • After the successful synchronization, you will receive an email relating the same

By following all these steps, you can successfully create Google Contacts Backup to Google drive.

We can tackle all your issues of Google Contacts Backup

If you are unable to restore your Google Contacts and requiring customer care services, we are round the clock available to help. We have our own support team which has executives who are certified technicians at help.

Backing up your Google Contacts is not a tough job. However, you might be stuck anytime for which you should have access to Google support number through which you can contact the care executives.

Nevertheless, we have our own toll-free number (+1-833-293-2333) which is running round the clock for you. You can anytime dial it and get in touch with our Google support experts.